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3 steps for flat cookies that are easy to decorate

A lumpy, bumpy cookie keeps you from having a nice, smooth surface where icing can spread with consistency. But you can help encourage a flat cookie with a little trick I tried, with good results.

It’s not fancy and takes just a few minutes. Ready for it? Here’s what to do:

1. After removing your baked cookies from the oven, set them to cool on a rack for 1 or 2 minutes.

2. Next, place the cookies on a solid surface such as a countertop.

3. Place a wooden cutting board on top of the cookies and let the weight of the board and the magic of gravity do its thing. I use a sheet of parchment paper as a barrier to minimize risk of cross-contamination.

wood cutting board

There be cookies under that cutting board! Photo by Jennifer Melo

For best results, the cookies should be warm and a bit pliable when you weigh them down with a flat object. You could use plates, books, or anything that’s no so heavy it crushes, excessively flattens or misshapes the cookies and not so light that it has no effect on the cookie’s uneven sections.

That’s it! That’s my trick for making flat cookies that are easy to decorate. It works for me and I hope it works for you too.

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