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About Jen

first fondant cake

That’s me and my first fondant cake for my friend Jen’s 30th birthday. Photo by Suzy Melo

Hi, I’m Jen. I make cake-decorating mistakes so you don’t have to.

Mix a passion for delectable desserts with a commitment to constant improvement, add a love of writing and creating stuff and ta da! You’ve got yourself a baking blog. Welcome, friends.

I’m a self-taught (amateur) cake decorator and a professional journalist in Toronto.

Whether I’m baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies or bars, I strive for pretty and delicious sweet treats that make ’em go “ooh!” and “mmm!”

Lucky for me, I have a large circle of friends and family — including six nieces I adore — so there’s always bound to be an upcoming birthday party or other special occasion where I can share my latest baking accomplishment(s).

This blog chronicles my baking and cake-decorating history and I’d be delighted if anything I learn along the way is helpful to you or maybe inspires you to get baking and cake-decorating too.

Any questions? I love getting feedback so post comments or if you’d rather contact me privately, leave a message for me by filling in and submitting the following form. 

All the best,