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About this blog

Pretty-Bakes-Blog-Button-blckPretty Bakes Blog is a place to get inspiration and advice for your next home-baking project.

Whether at an upcoming birthday party, a wedding or another special occasion, home-baked goods tend to be the most popular guests at the party. So why not learn a thing or two about cake decorating and baking with the help of the Internet?

I’ve been decorating cakes since March 2008 when I discovered how to make, and work with, fondant icing. My love of pretty bakes started with some YouTube videos (I couldn’t stop clicking through them!) and a pretty cookbook called Cake Art.

Over the years, I discovered several tips and tricks to help make me a better baker and cake decorator so I’m sharing everything I’m trying and learning in this blog.

So have a look around and let’s chat.

Click through the Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes sections and please feel free to post your comments and let me know how I’m doing. If anything you find on this site helps you save time, frustration and/or money, I’m a happy girl. If I do all the cake-decorating mistakes, maybe you don’t have to.

Happy baking and cake decorating!



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