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Ladybug birthday cake

ladybug cake

Maya’s ladybug cake. Photo by Jennifer Melo

A two-tier, fondant-covered cake with fondant-modelled ladybug cake topper.

Here’s a close-up of the topper, modelled by my sister Suzy and her husband, Jav. Isn’t it adorable?

fondant ladybug cake topper

Fondant ladybug cake topper. Photo by Suzy Melo

I arrived at the party early, in time to help finish decorating the cake they made. I used cookie cutters to cut the letters and although they’re large, I think it works for a child’s cake. What do you think?

I helped Suzy roll small fondant balls to use as the border and we were done.

Monkeys and banana birthday cake

Monkeys and banana cake

Monkeys and banana cake. Photo by Jennifer Melo

My niece Aliya loves to climb — on people, on furniture, up walls. So, naturally, her nickname is “monkey.” So you can guess whose birthday cake this is.

My sister Suzy and her husband Jav made and decorated this cake and I just helped with finishing touches, like painting the banana peel and twisting rope borders. Children’s cakes are great practise for cake-decorating novices because they often look good with imperfections — the imperfect bits are a bit more wacky and fun than a perfect, polished cake.

One monkey is made with marzipan and the other is made of fondant but I can’t recall which one’s which.

Food colouring markers: Edible ink for cookie decorating

I went to Homesense in search of bar stools the other day but instead of coming home with seating, I returned with a few extra baking supplies. My favourite find is these FoodWriter edible food colour markers from Wilton ($10).

Food colouring markers

Green, blue, red, black and yellow food colouring markers. Photo by Jennifer Melo

My piping technique sucks but I have plenty of practise with markers after years of colouring pages with my nieces. So food colouring markers are genius inventions for novice cookie decorators like me.


Food colouring marker tip

Food colouring marker tip is fine at the end for details and thick on the sides for shading. Photo by Jennifer Melo

Although these markers are of the bold tip variety, the tip’s not so bold that you can’t use it to draw some detail work. Here’s a shot of the packaging in case you want to find it in stores.


FoodWriter edible colour markers packaging. Photo by Jennifer Melo

I couldn’t wait to try using these markers and I had just the baking project coming up to put these bad boys to use. I soon discovered that cute Easter bunny cookies are adorable when I can draw, rather than pipe, a face.

Easter egg hunt cupcakes

Easter egg hunt cupcake

Easter hunt cupcakes. Photo by Jennifer Melo

Last Easter, I used my grass tip for the first time when I made this Easter egg hunt cupcake, inspired by the adorable Easter cupcakes at and I was pleased with the results. I also tried spreading a buttercream on top and rolling it onto a plate of tinted coconut and the grass-tip piped cupcake won out because it looked more realistic that the coconut which tasted great but looked more like AstroTurf synthetic grass to me.

See what I mean?

cupcake grass

Cupcake “grass” with piped buttercream (left) and tinted coconut (right). Photo by Jennifer Melo

How to pipe buttercream grass

Use the grass tip, hold it above the cupcake and very close to the surface.

Squeeze, stop squeezing, pull up. Repeat in a circle all around the cupcake and wor your way to the center.

Watch this helpful video demonstration from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio and see how it’s done.

Easter egg hunt cupcakes

Easter egg hunt cupcakes, ready for a party. Photo by Jennifer Melo

When you’re done piping, top your cupcakes with Cadbury mini eggs (you really can’t leave me alone with a bag of these).

What do you think? Do they need some cute Easter bunny cookies to complete the Easter theme?