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Adorable fondant modelled barnyard animal cupcakes

barnyard animal cupcakes

Barnyard animal cupcakes. April 2008. Photo by Jennifer Melo

My niece Lauren’s birthday was a fine time to try some cute barnyard animals. My favourite cake-decorating book Cake Art made it easy with step-by-step instructions and photos.

I struggled with proportions, but I was quite happy with how my barnyard animal cupcakes turned out.

I must say, though, they were time-consuming. I couldn’t manage doing more than a few but that was fine because a few is all I needed to decorate plates of cupcakes.

Fondant is like play dough

This project was really fun. It’s kind of like playing with play dough but you have to work with fondant quickly before it dries out and any moisture will make fondant sticky so it’s wise to keep cornstarch or icing sugar on hand to dust your hands and your work surface.

I hadn’t learned how to make black fondant yet so I used black licorice and it was tricky and tough to work with. See the crazy eyes on that pig? I cut small pieces of black licorice and stuck it to the fondant with water.

modelled fondant animals

Illustrations in Cake Art make it easy to shape and assemble your barnyard animals. Photo by Jennifer Melo

Professional barnyard cupcakes

And this is how the pros do it. Photo by Jennifer Melo

Lauren and her party guests loved these cupcakes.

I think my cow’s pretty cute, but the rabbit’s my favourite. Which one’s your favourite?

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