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How to hide cake-decorating mistakes

The most difficult cakes for novice cake-decorators like me are the simplest in design. Modern, clean design leaves little room for error (I’m looking at you, purple ombre cake. And you too, ivory, black and white wedding cake.)

So choose a flexible cake design with details that can be adjusted, adapted and moved around to cover your mistakes.

A name plaque easily covers a giant rip in fondant…

baptism cake top tier

Top tier of Aliya’s baptism cake. Photo by Jennifer Melo


Fondant flowers, leaves and other decorations can cover and disguise cracks, lumps and bumps…

Alice pursues White Rabbit

Alice pursues White Rabbit. Photo by Jennifer Melo

Once you’ve covered your mistakes with decorations, step back and see if you’d like to add additional decorations to visually balance things out.

Masquerade cake - Pretty Bakes Blog

Photo by Jennifer Melo

I find that most cake-decorating problems can be concealed with a bit of creativity. It’s likely that no one will notice all the little boo-boos that stress you out.

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