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How to make a bunting cake topper in 5 easy steps


Aliya’s finished bunting cake topper.
Photo by Jennifer Melo

If Pinterest is any indication, bunting/pennant banners are all the rage in cake decorating circles these days. Think of ’em as great ways to customize cakes while adding a nice decorative touch.

In less than 10 minutes, I made a personalized pennant banner for my niece Aliya’s fondant owl cake and I bet you can too — make your own bunting cake topper in 10, I mean; not make Aliya’s fondant owl cake…Unless you’re Wonderwoman. I bet she could do so too.

Ready to get crafty with me? Here’s what you’ll need to get this DIY job done:

  • Decorative tape
  • Small labels
  • Coloured marker
  • Twine
  • Skewers (2)
  • Scissors


  1. Gather your supplies. Tie twine to skewer #1 and lay it on a table.
  2. For each letter of the name or word you’ll spell lay one strip of decorative tape on your table, parallel to skewer #1 and sticky side up. Stretch out a length of twine to string the letters of your bunting, ensuring there’s enough slack for letters to hang. Snip the twine and tie it to skewer #2. Still with me?
  3. Press twine to secure it to the middle of each tape strip and then fold each piece of tape onto itself, covering the twine.
  4. Handwrite letters on labels. Stick one lettered label onto each hanging flag.
  5. Snip tape ends to your liking.

Skewer the cake with your bunting topper and you’re done!

Hint: Use a tape-scrap template to evenly cut all hanging flags to the same shape and size.

This is all well and good but wouldn’t my instructions be waaay easier to understand with photos showing the way? Great idea. I’m so glad you thought of it. Cue the photo gallery! (Click pics for full-size viewing.)


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