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How to make a fondant owl cake


Photo by Jennifer Melo

I had a hoot making this owl cake for my niece Aliya. Tee hee! 🙂 Dare I say I’m getting the knack of working with fondant? This cake came together relatively quickly and easily.

Secrets to easy owl cake creation revealed!

This time, my secrets to success are fondant molds and an owl toy. It can’t get much easier than that to pull this off, my friends. I mean, you could spend hours modelling an owl out of fondant and that’s incredibly cool if you’re so inclined. Or you can raid your niece’s toy box, grab her favourite Littlest Pet Shop owl, throughly clean it, stick on the cake and call it a day. Guess which option I chose?

Fondant mold, a newbie cake decorator’s best friend

To make pretty tree branches, leaves, cherry blossoms and birds, I used Wilton’s “Nature Designs” fondant and gum paste mold.

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Just coat the cavities with vegetable shortening to prevent sticking, use a fondant smoother to press fondant into the mold, trim excess fondant and then bend the mold and call on your friend gravity to release your fondant shapes.

I managed to add another homemade touch, though. Yep, I got a little crafty by creating a personalized pennant topper for Aliya. More on that later.

It couldn’t be that easy, could it?

One mishap arose when I made this cake. Short on patience, I rushed the assembly part. I stacked three layers of cake and buttercream but I think those layers weren’t quite completely cooled. Under its own weight, the cake threatened to collapse and it bulged at the sides.

Oh no you di-in’t!

I quickly moved the cake to the refrigerator to help firm things up. That did the trick to prevent further distortion but I had to use a serrated knife to carefully trim some of the sides of the fragile cake for a smooth finish before applying the fondant.

Lesson learned: Cool cake layers completely before stacking them.

Owl cake: Mission complete

Without further ado, here’s my finished owl cake:


Photo by Jennifer Melo

Wanna know how I made Aliya’s bunting banner/pennant cake topper? Check out my next post, coming right up! (Er tomorrow, OK?)

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