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How to make a ribbon rose in 6 easy steps

Red ribbon roses

Red ribbon roses

Yes, you too can make a ribbon rose. If you can cut a strip, pinch and roll, you can make flowers just like the roses I used to decorate my Alice in Wonderland topsy turvy cake. Here’s how.

  1. Roll a piece of gum paste or firm fondant to the thickness of rose petals. I recommend working with a strip that’s no thicker than 2 mm.
  2. Cut a 6″ by 1″ strip of gum paste.
  3. Fold both edges of the strip so each edge has a 45-degree angle. Bring the top corner to the base to achieve this, and press.
  4. Fold one side again, and then start rolling it and pinching at the base. Aim to keep the top edge of your ribbon aligned from start to finish.
  5. Pinch firmly when you get to the end and roll the base between your fingers to pinch off the end.
  6. Use a modelling tool, scribe or toothpick to pull petals away from the rose’s core and bend the edges of the petals down to open up the rose.

Wanna see this process in action? I thought you might. Cue the video!

Ta da! Easy stuff, right?


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