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How to make an easy Frozen princess cake

While I’m taking shelter from freezing rain in Toronto tonight, let me tell you about the Frozen princess cake I made a while ago. I gotta hurry because the ice storm knocked out power in my neighbourhood and although my lights are still on, they’ve been flickering.

Kids’ toys make great cake toppers!

When you want to keep cake decorating super easy, repeat after me: Just use miniature toys and figurines. My niece Ella had a serious girl crush on Elsa and Anna so, naturally, she wanted a Frozen princess cake for her birthday.

I could spend hours trying to model fondant figures that look like the movie characters but –nuh-uh! I don’t I have enough talent or time for that.

Disney Frozen figurines

Disney Frozen figurines, purchased at Walmart
Photo by Jennifer Melo

So I bought a set of Disney Frozen toys. And they did all the hard work for this little cake decorating project.

To be fair, I made the buttercream, rolled the fondant, did some piping and I even made some sugar glass but the true heroes here are those figurines. They literally and figuratively add character to this cake.

Making sugar glass

Blue sugar glass

Blue sugar glass, cooling on a silicone baking mat
Photo by Jennifer Melo

My sugar glass didn’t turn out perfectly. I couldn’t find my candy thermometer so I had to wing it and I don’t think the mixture got quite hot enough. I was aiming for more of a translucent look but it turned out more opaque than I’d hoped for. Oh well. You try and you learn.

I boiled the sugar and water mixture, added a few drops of food colouring and poured it out, onto a silicone baking sheet. After it cooled, I broke the sugar glass into shards that look like ice formations.

Cake decorating with fondant and buttercream icing

I covered a cake board and a vanilla slab cake with blue fondant. To achieve a pure white frosting, I used clear vanilla extract and vegetable shortening instead of butter. Brown vanilla extract and butter gives your icing more of a creamy, yellow tinge.

For the top surface and border, I watered down my icing until it was a light and fluffy, cloud-like consistency. Then I spread a thick layer of icing on just the top of the cake and used a #12 and a #3 piping tip to make icicle formations.

Fluffy mounds of icing for snow Photo by Jennifer Melo

Fluffy mounds of icing for snow
Photo by Jennifer Melo

I also used the #12 tip to pipe a border of snow mounds. With a #2 piping tip, I piped a few snowflakes on the sides of the cake and added a few more icicles.

Adding the finishing touches

With a simple cake design, it was time to add the toy characters, the sugar glass shards and a fondant emblem with a personalized birthday message. Olaf does a great job at wishing the birthday girl a happy day.

Happy birthday from Olaf

Olaf’s birthday message
Photo by Jennifer Melo


I used the characters’ feet to stamp footprints into the icing. Sven, the reindeer’s footprints are my favourite. And as I placed each toy on the cake, I really smooshed them down so the icing naturally built up a nice base of “snow”. Lastly, I added a few clear sugar flakes to add a bit of sparkle and shine, just like freshly fallen snow.

And there you have it! An easy Frozen princess cake.

Easy does it with this Frozen princess cake Photo by Jennifer Melo

Easy does it with this Frozen princess cake
Photo by Jennifer Melo

The gang's all here Photo by Jennifer Melo

The gang’s all here
Photo by Jennifer Melo

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