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Pastel Easter sugar cookies, a new job and a pesky cold

In the past four months, I’ve been settling into my new role at Edelman as the community manager for their client, Kraft Canada. That means I get to further indulge my love affair with food, recipes and social media. Check out the Kraft what’s cooking Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean. Fun, exciting times!

But no matter what I bake, make and write, please know that all of my thoughts and opinions shared here at are my own and not my employer’s or their clients’. Get it? Got it? Good.

Let’s chat Easter cookies, shall we?

Easter egg cookies

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Baking project

I wanted to make simple, pretty, customized cookies for my family this Easter and I really should’ve referred to my royal icing consistency problems post before starting this cookie-decorating project. But I was feeling rushed and sick, so, nope! I skipped the research and went straight to mixing, baking and decorating. Bad idea.

I didn’t take my own advice. I should’ve tested the royal icing’s consistency. Results?

My flooding consistency was too thick and my piping consistency was too thin. So I ended up with lumpy surfaces and only one or two smooth surfaces. Boo! Hiss. Some day I’ll learn. Regardless, something tells me I need lots more practice with royal icing.

Cutting corners = execution #fail

Instead of using a piping tip and bag, I used a zip-top bag with a tiny snip cut out of the corner. That worked well for outlining and it would’ve worked well for flooding if my icing had been thinner. But I found that the thin plastic didn’t shield the warmth from my hands enough so the icing melted too much. And that made things extra difficult for a piping-challenged girl like me to pipe borders and letters.

Easter egg cookie for Suzy

Photo by Jennifer Melo


A hurried, sick baker = doom

I must confess I was feeling rushed and quite sickly throughout this baking project. I’ve come down with a nasty cold so my heart wasn’t fully into it as my bed and the couch called out to me. I fought fatigue, sore throat and a runny nose, with enough hand-washing to leave my hands red, rough and raw. Way to kill my baking buzz, yucky germs! Pthttt 😛

Did I also mention I was babysitting two adorable nieces and had a meeting with an accountant?

Me: Where did I put those tax receipts?

Bed: Wouldn’t you feel better if you just lay down for a while?

Couch: No, pick me! I’ve got the better TV-viewing angles.

Cookies: Decorate me! Decorate me!

Germs: Paaartay! *shimmy, shimmy, shimmy*

In hindsight, I think bit off more than I could chew this long weekend. But on the plus side, the cookies are sooooo delicious. They’re crumbly, buttery sweet goodness. So I’ll happily chew on that.

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Want the recipe? I decided to try some recipes and am delighted to report easy and tasty results.

I made:

Easy-Mix Cookies – Basic Batter recipe, with a variation: I added 1 tsp of vanilla extract and mixed it in with the butter right from the start.

Royal Icing – I’d definitely try this recipe again. The icing was fluffy and light. Next time, I’ll test the consistency and I’ll be sure to sift the icing sugar.

Next week: I’ll be baking and decorating a 2-tiered fondant cake for my niece Lauren’s 10th birthday. Now if only this cold would bugger off. The party’s over, germs, so get lost.

Whether you’re keeping close to — or keeping away from — your couch this weekend, I hope you have a fabulous time. Have a wonderful Easter!

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