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Peppermint candy-topped chocolate chip cookies for Christmas cookie baking

‘Tis the season for baking Christmas cookies. When I recently needed an easy cookie recipe for a company potluck, I chose a classic chocolate chip cookie and gave it a festive twist with crushed peppermint sticks as a topping.

Seeking the best chocolate chip cookie recipe

First things first, I needed a reliable cookie recipe. Baker’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies was on my must-bake list so I decided to give it a go. As the community manager at Kraft Canada’s what’s cooking, I knew this recipe was a fan-favourite and there’s nothing quite like homemade chocolate chip cookies, right? Right!

Choclolate chip cookie dough.  Photo by Jennifer Melo

Choclolate chip cookie dough.
Photo by Jennifer Melo

I’m happy to report that recipe reviewers were absolutely correct. This cookie tastes incredibly great. So delicious, in fact, that I had to immediately make another batch after my sister, her kids and I quickly polished off the first batch. Hooray for homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Peppermint candy topping


In order to give these cookies a Christmas touch, I added crushed peppermint sticks for a sweet and minty topping. You could use candy canes if, unlike me, you can practise self control and don’t eat all the candy canes left in sight. I placed three peppermint sticks in a plastic zip-top bag, and then I used a rolling pin to smash and grind them.

To ensure the crushed candies stuck to the cookies, I brushed the baked cookies with simple syrup (boil equal parts sugar and water) and then I sprinkled the crushed candies on top.

That’s it, that’s all. Simple. Delicious. Addictive. I think Santa might approve.

chocolate chip cookies

Photo by Jennifer Melo

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