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White fondant confirmation cake

Time flies when you’re having fun and it must’ve hit turbo speed while I was baking because my eldest niece Mikaela is now 14 years old and recently celebrated her confirmation. She’s grown from a lovely girl into a lovely young lady and I had the honour of serving as her sponsor. My heart swells with love and pride. But about the baking…

confirmation cake

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Sister makes it better

I had a fine scullery maid in my sister Nel, who helped by washing up, making it quick and easy to pull off this confirmation cake. Nel helped by cutting flowers, holding them in place when I needed extra hands to keep them securely fastened to the cake.

Stress less with store-bought stuff

I used a boxed cake mix and split the batter into three 8″ pans. That delivered the perfect height for each cake layer with no need for cutting or levelling. Yay! Rather than make fondant and buttercream from scratch I bought these ingredients from Bulk Barn.

One large tub of buttercream was enough to fill and ice the entire cake and it tasted good, too. Going the store-bought route freed up time for last-minute shopping in preparation for the confirmation. No need for a three-day cake-making project.

The order of things: time management

I baked the cake layers, allowed them to cool, wrapped them with plastic wrap and refrigerated them overnight. Next, I cut a strip of fondant and used a cake pan to shaped it to cake’s form. I’d use that ribbon to include a personalized message.

Tip: For a smooth finish, let fondant dry for at least eight hours before writing on it with a food-colouring marker.

The next morning, I iced and stacked the cake layers, applied a crumb coat and covered the cake with fondant. Then I cut fondant flowers using my daisy cookie cutters in three sizes, secured them to the cake in a swoosh-like pattern that wound its way across and over the cake. I aimed for an asymmetrical design with small blooms trailing off at either end of a large cluster of flowers.

Piping, beads and blooms

I squeezed a buttercream bead in the center of the large daisies and  applied a dragée (silver sugar pearl). Then I used my silicone fondant mold to make a pearl border and attached that with a light brushing of water. I wrote my message on the ribbon, taking care to not apply too much pressure and risk cracking the dry fondant.

fondant cross

Photo by Jennifer Melo

Using a cookie cutter, I made a fondant cross and piped a lattice-like pattern on it, finishing it with a piped pearl border.

Piping continues to challenge me so I practised on another cross cut-out before settling on the finished one and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

And ta-da! Before I knew it, this confirmation cake was complete by noon. Woohoo! 🙂



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  1. pia
    September 26, 2014 at 7:49 pm (4 years ago)

    Love love this cake, i think i will be making this for my twins communion next year. A simple beautiful cake.


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